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Visit Indonesia!!!

I Love Indonesia…haha I know, I know, it is because I came from the country, but wait…that isn’t the only reason I love my country, hey South East Asia is not about Malaysia or Thailand…You should check your travel directory again (make it triple check, heheh), If  someone has this intention to have never ending journey then Indonesia will be your new experience to your life story.

You will see great Mountains, fantastic beaches, terrific forest view, magnificent culinary…etc, etc,etc…

check these out:

dreamland by panji

(Picture by Panji)

This is Dreamland Beach at Pecatu, Bali Island (one of the most Best Island in the world,,trust me) this beach is a real deal, you want regret it by coming to this beach…that’s why it is called Dreamland. It has great sand, great wave, great view…and great, great great in everything!! or if you just wanna tanning then guys…this is the place!!

green canyon pangandaran by tegug triwidodo

(Picture by Teguh Triwidodo)

Indonesian Canyon…beautiful right??? It’s Green Canyon located in Pangandaran, West Java, Java Island. All I can say about this canyon is PERFECT…if you come to indonesia make sure you come here to visit it, you’ll know what I mean..

Maluku Wide blue see

(Picture By Michael Sjukrie)

Again for beach lovers…you will regret for the whole of your life by not visiting this one, the beach is really blue, it is really the heaven of the beach freak…and amazing view for the entire of your holiday. oh and the name of the ocean is Maluku Wide blue sea ( i forgot to mention the name d’OH!!! )

uluwatu beach by panji

(Picture by Panji)

Many tourist held their wedding day here in Uluwatu beach Area, in the Hotel near it, or even at the shore of it, it is one of romantic beach in Bali. And even Hollywood artist (world artist also) have their private time here in Uluwatu..come here and make your own private moment.

bira beach-south sulawesi by Rk23

(Picture By RK23)

It is Bira Beach located in Sulawesi Island, as you can see in the picture…freaking beautiful huh? Cos it IS beautiful…make sure it is on your schedule for visiting this won’t regret it I swear.

senggigi beach

(Picture by RK23)

What can I say?? Indonesia has the most unique archipelago, we are all can see how beautiful that place is right?

so, be our guess anytime…we welcome you!!!

For more information about this place and information about any Indonesia areas you want to know, just visit this site

Happy Traveling to all of travelers!!!


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