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Bună seara????? Ce Faci??  for those who know these words maybe wondering why the h*ll am i doing,  put those words into this posting…


Today I’m going to share something about recent fave activity that I really love, learning new languages…and as the past days I really, really, really into ROMANIAN…

Yap..I have a Romanian blast, I’m going to show you what this is all about…how do I know about Romania?well,.,one thing you all should know about me is I really love soccer or commonly known as football in Europe, and second thing that you would recognize about me is that I’m crazy of Adrian MUTU the Romanian football player, ever since I know about Mutu, I keep on searching about Romania…the people, famous places, art, culture, language…pretty much everything!!! and that lead me to get to know this Romanian girl that (for me) help me a lot name Oana….

All i know about Oana is that she is a 17 years old talented high school student from Focsani, Romania, that has the same interest like me in languages, music, role playing etc, etc, etc…except, she’s more talented than me, imagine this: she knows Italian, Spanish, French and English (anything cooler than that???)…well, she help me a lot with this Romanian stuff, especially the language that I highly want to know…

Since Oana and I quiet chat a lot (but not that a lot, you know), I starting to force (yes, I think  I did it) her to teach me some Romanian words…and as the result I know Romanian alphabetic, Romanian Greetings and (nowadays, I know how to swear in Romanian…heheh)…

These are some basic Romanian that maybe you should know for the first time:

Romanian Letters:



A, a a
Ă, ă ă
Â, â â din a
B, b beu
C, c Ceu
D, d Deu
E, e E
F, f feu / ef



G, g gheu / ge
H, h ha / haş
I, i I
Î, î î din i
J, j Je
K, k Ka
L, l le / el
M, m meu / em



N, n Neu / en
O, o O
P, p Pe
Q, q kü / chiu
R, r re / er
S, s Seu / es
Ș, ș / Ş, ş șe / şe
T, t teu



Ț, ț / Ţ, ţ țe / ţe
U, u u
V, v ve
W, w dublu ve
X, x ics
Y, y igrec / i grec
Z, z ze / zet

anyway, this is the first posting about me learning Romanian with Oana, I hope there will be another post related to this, cos I’m building my Romanian now….KEEP ROCKING!!!


Oana, feel free to edited this posting!


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