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Noordin M Top -the terrorist- (new) girl

noordin m top(if you ever see this guy in the picture do not hesitate to call police in your area )

Novi, the (NEW) wife of Noordin Top Girl Aged 19 Years

you know this Malaysian terrorist that had been living well in INDONESIA by terrorizing INDONESIAN citizen with his BOMB TOY???? yep, NOORDIN M TOP, the terrorist also known for his love stories (a.k.a serial marriage stories) … has a new girl (toy)…when he had several wives BEFORE! yuck… I think you guys agree with me that ACTUALLY, ALMOST ALL TERRORISTS ARE SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED!!!! (kekekekke)

“Her name Lutfiati Novi, “said observers  of the terrorism of Al-Chaidar in talks with AFP, Thursday (27/8/2009).

According to Al-Chaidar, the wedding took place at the residence of Novi in Pandeglang, Banten. “But I do not know where exactly,” added this professor of the University Malikussaleh Lhokseumawe, Aceh, .

Why would Novi want to marry with M TOP? “I do not know why, too.  Novi’s both Parents are Darul Islam . Novi also Darul Islam,” said Al-Chaidar.

Al-Chaidar knew the news of Noordin’s and Novi’s wedding from a friend in the Darul Islam. Noordin and Novi’s wedding took place after the raid in Temanggung, Central Java, August 8th ago.


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