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Islam In America

Talking about Islam in a country whose majority is not the Islamic religion as in the United States (U.S.) is interesting. Many of the humanists, but no less tragic also found there. These experiences recounted by Ulil Abshar Abdalla, doctoral student at Harvard University, United States of America.

For Ulil, one of the initiator of Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL) -Liberal Islam Network-  addressed, became a Muslim in the land of Uncle Sam is not as complicated as people think. But also not as easy as being a Muslim in Indonesia. For example, when Ramadan arrived, his son’s school who were still in elementary school, there is only his son are fasting.

“But fortunately, they highly appreciate. My son’s teacher was very sympathetic to explain to other kids about the fast. The kids are
very appreciate other very well and respect, “said Ulil when discussing the ‘Islamophobia in the United States’ which took place in Building Community
Salihara, Jl Salihara, Jakarta, Wednesday (26/8/2009) evening.

Not only that, when Ulil take their children to public libraries of Boston, the United States, he contrived surprise. Not Batman or Superman comics is found, but there are many Islamic books are packaged in the form of cartoons.

In fact, Ulil barely feel there wasn’t any Islamophobia in the environment. It is because, there weren’t no distinctions in every line of life there, he thought. “For me there was virtually no phobia against Islam,” he said.

About Muslim immigrants in the U.S., Ulil bring good tidings. Local government frees Muslim immigrants are not forced to assimilate with the culture
local. So many established Islamic schools specifically designed for Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, as well as Pakistan or Bangladesh. But why the children Ulil not sent to school there? “Not that I do not like Islam. But because I do not have money,” said Ulil with his joke tone and it brings audience laughter.

One thing I want to be submitted by Ulil in the discussion. The feeling of fear by Muslims wherever they may be not solely the fault of non-Muslims, but Muslims are sometimes less mingle themselves, and be exclusive. A criticism from within that needs to be examined together.

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