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Begin The Romanian Lesson

Since I begin to learn Romanian, I think this post will be quiet helpful for those who starting to learn Romanian…Why? because I learn it from the native speaker (Oana) and I learn it from the very beginning like, knowing the alphabet, how to pronounce it and so on, and so on…

Since I’ve already posted the alphabetic Romanian on Romanian Blast (part 1) so here I post another Romanian special pronounce for English speaker but it’s also suitable for all learner, I you know I’m not English speaker but I learn Romanian by this language (well, Oana unable to speak Indonesia,but we’ll figure it out, kekekke).

Here are the letters:



As in The English word


uh but

î, â

Ew/Eu Two letters, but same sound Not an English sound


ts Pittsburg


sh shower


ch before an “i” or “e” beach


k bike


J before an “i” or “e” juice


g bag


c rich



NOTE: Any Romanian word starting with “e” is pronounced (as far as I can remember) with an English “y” sound at the beginning.
Example: “este” is pronounced as yes-teh

And also you have to remember this one, this called diphthong in English so check it out :

i (ee) + e (eh) = ie (yeh)
o (oh) + a (ah) = oa (wah)

just to put the two vowel sounds together to make the diphthong sound.

P.S : To any Romanian speaker feel free to edited this post by commented to this post, I’ll be glad to have it corrected, and especially to Oana feel free!!!!


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  1. wow..learn Romanian? Any plan to go to Rome??

    Comment by DeeA Spa | December 16, 2009 | Reply

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