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Good Views in Buntet Pesantren

Well, you can’t blame me because I write about Buntet a lot, first of all it is my hometown, second of all it still has a really good views to be visited. Although you won’t be having much outdoor activities in Buntet I somehow always get something to do here 😀 .

Street To My Cousin's House

I hope this village won’t have to change into a cosmopolitan area because I really like this natural view, and this is one of the reason Buntet still has fresh air.

Savage Garden 😀

She Collected the Bamboo sticks

well, sorry for the blur picture (because I actually didn’t want her to realized that I took a picture of her).

So in front of my cousin’s house there are lots of bamboo trees, when it got shrinks it usually spread out anywhere in the street, thanks to these people they still use this recycle things from nature to make a fire and use it as their kitchen stove fire (they are so nature’s best friends ya ? 😀 )



December 21, 2011 - Posted by | TRAVEL

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  1. kebon glodok in buntet…

    Comment by Umarr | January 25, 2012 | Reply

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