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Christmast Night 2011 in Jakarta

I may not celebrating christmas but I enjoy the day so much, christmas night in Jakarta’s street is like any other day except most of the vehicles parked in front of and surround churches. But what I like the most was the malls 😀 it is not too crowd and its perfect to hang out .

My first stop was Bintaro Plaza ( I never too fancy into big malls, so this one is my favorite )

Bintaro Plaza

Bintaro Plaza West Side

Gramedia Book Store (Bintaro Plaza)

My second stop was Cilandak Town Square Mall or also wellknown as CITOS , I got a little problem here for taking pictures. The security said I should have a permit letter before taking pictures of the malls, the security was about to charge and asked me to pay some amount of money but I declined it and asked him to deleted the pictures himself , but he said that ‘oh that’s oke then if you want to delet the pictures’ , so i left him patrolling around the malls and i DIDN’T delete my pictures but sadly i should stop taking pictures there :S .

Cilandak Town Square

Cilandak Town Square Entrance

CITOS Parking Lot


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