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Love Story

Come on dear, come on

Here, I give you my special treat

Hug, kisses and all stuff that sweet

so please, come on dear, come on

Days, weeks, months had already past

And this feeling seems to be everlast

Till the day you came and shout

“Why can’t we just cut it out?”

Then, I come alone today

Regretting that passing days

“what I’ve done?”, repeatedly said

Until I know, what people said

There were something called love story, Lad!


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I have My (Own) English

I can see the mistakes

I know I did

Though, I wouldn’t change it a bit

It is my style, understand me (whaaaat???)

Ok, find! don’t understand me

I’ll make it better (don’t know how)

I’ll figure it out

I’ll find the way

Don’t care if I’ll stuck…I really don’t care…but one thing..hahah I have my (Own) English!!

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Yes, Sir

I will follow on what you do

I will obey on what you tell

I will be here if you want to

I will, I will

I’ve done anything you have asked

I’ve always be ready

Like you always wanted from me

Be here, be ready

Yes, sir!

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O Lord

I have this sin that seem to be so bad

I have this thing that make me so mad

Allow me to begged

Allow me to begged

Those mistakes that I’ve done

No matter what went wrong

It’s always YOU, that always around

Always you that make me still on the ground

O lord

O lord

O lord

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Circle (It is about life)

No matter how far we go

No matter how far we know

We will still in this circle

Right in the middle

Whatever you’ll do

Whatever what you up to

Remember, we will go back to the circle

But you won’t sure if  it’s in the middle

Dare to break it

Aware by faked it

Shy to manipulate it

But it is a circle that you won’t break it.

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